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4 Feb 2013 | 2/04/2013 05:04:00 pm | 5 comments
Assalamualaikum belake seme. :)

Here's the story,it begin like this .

There's a man . who i never knew before. He likes me, before we ever really knew each other. However, we already engaged even thought we rarely met not contact each other. People keep questioning. im just 19 , what makes me accept him? Well, to be the exact reason, it's my parents choice. it's a lie if  i never had any conflicts about all these things , i did . i rejected him at first.

Surprisingly, he never gave up. He never really tell me that he likes me. But, he met and told my parents and that's the first time a man ever did it that way. Even thought i rejected him at first, i couldn't found any major bad things in him. I just make an excuse, ' i didn't have any feelings towards him ' that typical teenagers thought of mine.

As time went by, He never gave up , so did my parents. my mom told me, " This things will make us happy, everyone will be happy " . InsyaAllah awak akan bahagia dunia akhirat.That sentence, made me realize, why shouldn't i give a change. 

I did istikharah prayer and for the first time in my life. I told myself, if i make them happy, Allah will bless me and that's what makes me happy. Becouse i know, that's what exactly what i'll need. I told my mom that i've agreed. I am too sure i'm doing the right thing. And, when i agree. It's unexplainable, when your mom told you "thanx you, i'm so proud of you"

Today , we're engaged alhamdulillah. In a right way, didn't bercinta . And everything is on  the right track. A nice man with good attitudes & good muslim, for me. a man who never give up on me even thought we rarely meet nor contact . No reason for me to say NO

So how he proposed me? he gave me a nikon d3100 and i thought it was just a present. BUT..! what's got in the camera , *tengop dibawah*

Ehem, so as a girl . who never expect THAT to be asked by a man who i rarely know *terharu*

"Bercinta selepas kahwin must be much more awesome and full with barakah". Here's my answer, Mr. fiance ..

May Allah bless us, keep us on track ~
Give us the best HALAL. relationship till in Jannah.
InsyaAllah.. Amin..

// Harap Sis Dena and Bro Ariff kekal hingga hujung nyawa.. :) soe sebab copy nie sume dari akak.. sye terpakse sebab sangat teruja dengan relationship yang sis ade.. //

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4 February 2013 at 19:36
Blogger aQu Mad said...

leh tolong translatekan kedalam bahasa melayu tak ? er..

8 February 2013 at 23:14
Blogger d4rk-s0uL said...

dorang dah menimang cahaya mata pertama... Saif Amaan Daniyal bin Soffian Ariff

9 February 2013 at 09:02
Blogger Kaqyonk Fauzi said...

wow.. alhamdullah.. nak ikut jejak percintaan dea..

9 February 2013 at 09:03
Blogger Kaqyonk Fauzi said...

ngee~ xpndai nk translate.. sy just phm sndiri.. :)

13 February 2013 at 21:40
Blogger DilaMilin said...

hmmm..sweetnyer..ku impikan cinta selepas nikah..insyaAllah..mudah-mudahan impian kami tercapai..ingin mengikut jejak mcm diaorang ni..hehe..sweet gitu..

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